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Cashout Betting Sites & Bonus Offers

These days betting should only be done in one of two ways. You either do online betting through your PC and laptop; or you go for mobile betting through your smartphone or tablet. The reason for this is when it comes to betting online there’s a bunch of added features available which the bookies don’t offer. Unfortunately we can’t go through all of those advantages here right now as it would take too long to read. What we can do however is give you a full breakdown on one of the biggest advantages: cashouts!

The cashout feature, offered by the majority of the safest betting sites, is arguably the best feature for any player. The reason for this is it’s the easiest way to help you secure a big win. Before we delve into the many advantages however we’ll first give you a rundown on how it works.

How cashout works

When you place a bet with an online or mobile sports betting site, the action is no longer over. At any point during the game/race you’ve bet on you will be able to cashout. The amount of money you’ll get for your cashout will be determined by how likely your bet is to succeed. The more likely your bet is to come good, the closer to the full odds the site will pay out.

An example of this would be if you were to bet £10 on Newcastle beating Liverpool at 3/1. When the game starts your cashout amount would be for around £9. If you’re not longer happy with your bet you can take a small cut and be done. Then depending on the score and the time your cashout amount with vary between £0 and £40. £40 being the most the bet can return. If Newcastle were losing 1-0 in the 90th min your cashout would be for around 10p. If on the other hand they were winning 2-0 in the 80th minute the cashout would be for something like £35!

Advantages of the cashout

The cashout feature offers a lot of advantages to players playing online. Some you may realise already while others not so much. Either way we’ll go through a few advantages so you get a better idea what the fuss is about.

  • Cashout allows players to walk away with guaranteed profit regardless of final result. When your bet is winning but could change at any moment, cashout guarantees a payday!

  • If things are starting to go south with your bet, cashout allows you to recuperate some of your losses! If you can see your bet isn’t going to be a winner, don’t throw good money after bad!

  • Secure accumulator wins! We don’t know about you, but we’ve had countless experiences waiting on one team coming in for an accumulator. And every time we’ve wished for the option of cashing out for big win instead of sweating the last game. Getting 8/9 right feels much better when you’re able to cash out before the last bet in our experience!

Overall we’d have to say that the cashout feature offered by betting sites is a good thing. We wouldn’t recommend using it all the time, maybe not even all that often. However there will be times when the cashout option is the right play. Whether that’s because you’d rather lock up a massive win, or you’re convinced your bet is done with. So when it comes to be a betting site to play on we’d recommend choosing a cashout betting site!

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